How brave are you?

Please evaluate ten statements about bravery, by rating how true of you each is. Your responses are anonymous.
I don’t care if people make fun of me, I always do what I consider is right. *

I have made necessary but painful decisions in the past, and accept I may do so again in the future. *

Some people face their fears, but I’m not always one of them. *

Even in the face of strong opposition, I speak up for what I believe in. *

I wouldn’t always label myself a brave individual. *

When my life has involved distress and setbacks, I have always overcome them. *

People may not agree with my convictions, but it is important to me that I act on them. *

I put off doing things that take me outside my comfort zone. *

The fact that an important action is difficult or challenging is no reason for me to avoid it. *

When something is important but uncomfortable for me, I always do it. *

What is your sex? *

Your Bravery score is {{var_score}} out of 5. In a reasonably similar test, although with different items, the average score for Females was 3.6, and for Males was 3.5.

By taking this version of this test, you’re helping me calculate accurate averages. So, thank you!

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